When asked what kind of photographer I am, I assume they are wanting an answer such as "Nature" or "Landscapes". But how do you classify a pair of tennis shoes tucked into some rocks on a beach on the California coast. There wasn't anybody on that beach for quite some time and high tide had gone out about an hour before I took the photograph. Those shoes should have gone out with it.  Also, what category is it when dirty wine glasses reflect sunlight making its way through the thick smoke generated by a half dozen Oregon forest fires. Then, how do you describe a half-filled wine glass between a pair of beat up K-Swiss shoes (self portrait). I can't answer their question, so I usually say "I don't do weddings, I hate weddings."

So, the more I thought about it, it came down to this:  I like to take photographs of something that lets the observer create a story around it. I also like to create photographs that allow people to see something through the context of a photographer's eye in hopes it elicits some type of emotion. Seeing again, for the first time (except for weddings, oh, and portraits too).

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